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After you meet Monty, you will become a fan too. Just look at what some new friends had to say.

Thanks for coming today. I had lots of fun and you and Monty rock! You and Monty are so cool!
~ Heaven

It was so nice to see you and to hear your new book. Monty is a pretty cool snake.
~ Helena

Thank you so much for bringing Monty in. I used to be afraid of snakes…now I’m not.
~ Grace

Thank you for showing us that wonderful presentation and for letting us pet Monty. My teacher Mrs. Lanham was really grossed out and it was really, really funny.
~ La Lee

Thank you for letting us touch Monty and for teaching us that you should be nice.
~ Peter

I had fun and thank you for inviting us to the presentation. It was awesome petting Monty. She is so cute and nice.
~ Madison

Mr. Chuck, I love Monty! She is so sweet.
~ Alyssa

Thank you for letting us pet your snake. Monty was so cute and nice. Now, I like snakes! Now, I know not to judge a book by its cover!
~ Sarah

Thank you for bringing Monty for us. She was so cool!
~ Gabe

Thank you letting us pet Monty. I was amazed!
~ Zachary

Let me say I love the book Why Don’t You Like Me! I loved Monty the snake. She felt like a new football, but I thought she’d be slimy.
~ Caitlyn

Thank you so much for bringing Monty! It was so fun to meet a snake that was so CALM! It is fun to read the Sad Mad Glad Books!
~ Maria

Thank you for bringing in Monty. She is a very, very nice snake. I think it is funny that she is ticklish.
~ Amber

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