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Getting Ready for October

Looking for activities to keep the kiddos busy during the month of October?

Besides reading the Sad Mad Glad books, there are lots of fun things to do in the 10th month of the calendar year.

Doing the Days of October

1. Homemade Cookie Day (No Bake Cookies Here) World Vegetarian Day and Julie Andrew's (Mary Poppins) Birthday, World Smile Day 2. Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi born 1869 Charlie Brown's Birthday: Peanuts debut 1950 Name your Car Day 3. Emily Post Birth Date -1873 Captain Kangaroo Day SOS established as international stress code 4. National Golf Day and Sputnik launched 5. World Teachers Day; World Smile Day 6. Thomas Edison shows first motion picture Mad Hatter Day 7. American Bandstand premiered-Daylight Saving Time ends in United States 8. Farmer's Day (Farm/Harvest Theme) 9. Moldy Cheese Day Count from Sesame Street Birthday 10. National Cake Decorating Day and 'Bonza Bottler' Day! International Top Spinning Day National Bring your Teddy Bear to School or Work Day (Visit Teddy Bear Theme) 11. Eleanor Roosevelt Birthday

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