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In these crazy times, children need Character Education now more than ever. As a result, many state school systems now actually mandate that it be integrated into the daily curriculum. Since 2008, teachers and parents across the country have used The Sad Mad Glad Book series and its “Tips for Teachers” instructional guide to deliver character education messages that are powerful, memorable, and FUN!

the books

Attitude is everything! And, just like academics, attitude and character are learned. The Sad Mad Glad Book – The Anatomy of Your Attitude won the 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Gold Medal.  Using vivid photos and a fun, rhyming text that incorporates American folk wisdom and popular body idioms, The Sad Mad Glad Book helps teach children life lessons by taking something they already know – their body parts, and linking them to positive thoughts and behaviors. Anyone that enjoys molding young minds will find the unique format of this book helps children share feelings and build self-esteem while they’re having fun! 


Attitudes and values discussed include: Having a Positive Attitude, Self-Control, Diversity, Sensitivity, Focus/Planning, Sportsmanship, Fear, Empathy, Personal Responsibility, Privacy, Love, Gratitude, Happiness, Listening, Friendship, Courage, Encouragement, Helpfulness, Teamwork, Managing Stress, Joy, Hard Work, and Generosity.


Recommended for ages 2 thru 10. This book makes a great gift for any child and is perfect for classroom reading in schools.


All books are $13.75 and include free shipping.

Another Sad Mad Glad Book-The Anatomy of Your Attitude picks up where The Sad Mad Glad Book left off. Recognized as 2009 Outstanding Book of the Year – Most Inspirational to Youth, by Independent Publisher, it uses even more body idioms and American folk wisdom to help children of all ages learn and reinforce the benefits of possessing a positive attitude and making smart choices in life. With the same look and feel of the original, Another Sad Mad Glad Book will lead to hours of thought-provoking conversation between adults and the special children in their lives.

Attitudes and values discussed include: Focus, Flexibility, Honesty and Trust, Persistence, Listening, Respect for Elders, Initiative, Hard Work, Anger Management, Bullying, Money and Materialism, Family, Dedication, Humility, Individuality and Peer Pressure, Punctuality, Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Gratitude, Happiness, Friendship, Courage, Encouragement, Helpfulness, Teamwork, Managing Stress, Joy, and Generosity.

Recommended for ages 7 and up. This book makes a great gift for any child and is perfect for classroom reading in schools.

All books are $13.75 and include free shipping.

The Sad Mad Christian - The Anatomy of Your Faith was created at the overwhelming request of many parents who wanted a Sad Mad Glad Book with a distinctly spiritual message - and God took it from there.  By far our fastest project, it went from “pen to press” in less than five months! This book is designed to excite children as they explore their Bibles and learn to enjoy their Christian journey. The signature of the Sad Mad Glad series, vivid photos and rhymes that include American folk wisdom and common body idioms, give it the familiar Sad Mad Glad feel.


Perfect for Sunday School, Bible Study, and private schools, this book adds thought-provoking questions and carefully selected scripture references to inspire readers. 


We were blessed to receive the 2012 Reader's Favorite Gold Medal for Christian Devotional.


All books are $13.75 and include free shipping.

The newest addition to our series. The Sad Mad Glad Baby is designed to help babies identify emotions through facial expression.  This bright, colorful book introduces babies to empathy and other emotions, helping them recognize what they are feeling and express those feelings to others around them.  Babies love looking at other babies!  The Sad Mad Glad Baby won the 2011 Moonbeam Children Book Award Gold Medal for best Board Book.

All books are $13.75 and include free shipping.

meet the


Chuck Stump

Chuck Stump is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of change management, leadership, customer care, and communication. Since founding The Performance Group in 1996, Chuck has helped hundreds of organizations build their people so their people can build their business. He lives in Hurricane, West Virginia, with his wife Sarah, and their two children Brendan and Rachel.

See article from Charleston Gazette 

Jim Strawn

Jim is the energetic owner of Jim Strawn & Company. Doing his part to make America, WV, and his community a better place to live, learn, work and play. Author. TV Show Host. Speaker. Marketing Strategist. Professor. Event Planner. Fundraiser. And does all this with a smile on face and a positive attitude in his heart.

meet the authors
the books
SMG Baby
Another SMG
SMG Christian
meet Monty

Meet Monty B. Python. By nature, she is often compared to her rude and sometimes aggressive cousins, and her unusual physical appearance often leads to prejudice and discrimination. Once you meet her, you’ll see that she has smooth moves and a great attitude!

She has an important role here at Four Dolphins Press. As our mascot, she touts her own book with a powerful anti-bullying message. Why Don’t You Like Me? – A Snake’s-Eye View of Friendship, challenges children to have an open mind, look past stereotypes, and realize that you can’t judge a book by its cover. 


​See Monty's Fang Mail  |  Beckley Register Herald  |  Contact us. 

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We love nothing more than reading to kids, presenting at conferences, and training corporate groups! We deliver high-energy, creative, interactive presentations that deliver powerful, memorable messages to children of all ages. We will customize a program for anyone who is young at heart or who works with children in any capacity. For more information, contact us at

Author Visits

Elementary schools love the Sad Mad Glad guys! We have scholarships available to off-set the cost of your visit! Our reading program:

  • engages kids in a fun, interactive group presentation

  • promotes the principles of strong citizenship, honesty, and the value of helping others;   

  • educates and informs using American folk wisdom and body idioms;

  • utilizes real-life photographs (not illustrations) to bring the message to life;

  • dovetails and compliments the popular Leader in Me program by Covey;

  • gives teachers a resource they can use all year long to reinforce the messages.



Conferences and Corporate Outings


It’s a Sad Mad Glad Life - The Anatomy of Your Attitude, takes the principles taught in the Sad Mad Glad books and gives them a grown-up, corporate spin. Using proven discussions and experiential exercises, this program will enlighten groups at every level of your company, non-profit organization, or professional association. Perfect for your next conference, corporate retreat, or for any meeting that needs a spark.


Your school, club, or non-profit organization can now use The Sad Mad Glad Book series as a part of their fund-raising activities.  We've heard the common complaints: overpriced items that are low quality and low profit margins.  We agree!  That is why our program is simple, easy and fun! 

QUALITY: Each Sad Mad Glad book is beautifully written and over 100 pages in length!

NO RISK or UP-FRONT COST: There is no upfront minimum or risk. You simply share on the proceeds from every book sold by your organization.

EASY TO SELL: Almost everyone has young children around them who could benefit from the positive, powerful messages that each Sad Mad Glad book teaches.

IMMEDIATE PAYOUT: 33% of all proceeds go IMMEDIATELY to the organization!


How does it work?  Call us today and we'll help every step of the way!

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