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Why Character Education Matters

Intelligence plus character; that is the goal of true educationMLK

The Sad Mad Glad Guys believe in character. It DOES matter in life. There is actually a new twist on gaining employment after High School or College. Corporate America and middle to small business, are hiring people who have high Emotional Intelligence. In translation, employees with high character traits. They feel they can teach you the necessary skills to succeed on the job; they want to hire people with integrity, dependability, honesty, respect etc. says, because students spend so much time in school, our schools offer a critically important opportunity to ensure that all students get the support and help they need to reach their full potential. Schools that embrace character education become places people want to be because they bring out the best in everyone.

The following is an article written by Kirsten Hund for LeaderShift. We couldn’t agree more with her teachings.

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